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General Secretary Message

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of GMVSS. At GMVSS, we are providing Open Schooling students with a deeply transformative experience – intellectually, socially and personally – that will prepare them for a life of citizenship and leadership. The focus on complete transmogrification is because we function as an institution that's committed to excellence at all levels. Over the years, it has been our deep and rich value system that has made GMVSS synonymous with quality education. The students experience considerable flexibility, freedom, and independence in learning through Open Schooling System of education. Given our domain expert faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, international quality teaching pedagogies, excellent nurturing environment for learning and thinking, GMVSS is emerging as the institution of choice for students pursuing Open Schooling. We constantly endeavour to offer world-class educational facilities and practices, and this has made us grow through our motto "Driving Towards Perfection"